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Do You still V.O.T.E for Pakatan ?

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

By: Hantu Laut Blog

How long can Pakatan Rakyat hold the Federal government should they win the next general elections before internal squabbles set in and break up the alliance? Even now the alliance is wobbly and is fluid for breaking up.

PKR, the most unstable among the three is saddled with defections.At the rate its members leaving the party it may not see the light of the next general elections. The cause, the consistently inconsistent leadership that’s of Anwar Ibrahim.A man who rates himself too high on the IQ level resulting in him drowning himself in his own intelligence.A man who has become victim of self-importance.What is pleasant for the ears is pleasant for the souls.

Sibu, is a showcase of what could happen to this disparate alliance of political mismatch. PAS is conspicuously absent in Sibu.Where is PAS? With the exception of Nizar, who clearly is a DAP’s lackey, why aren’t other PAS leaders in Sibu to help in the campaign? Nizar’s style of dirty politics that he so fondly accused Najib of doing when he was ousted as menteri besar of Perak.His venomous tongue is worse than a cobra’s bite.Readers can judge for themselves from his speech where he even tried to speak Malay with a Chinese accent, what kind of a man he is ?? Baca baki entri ini »

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