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Who Kills Unity In Diversity?

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Jumaat, 23 Oktober 2009

By: Salzahedra

The Federal Constitution of Malaya (Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) is a document of faith, beliefs and sense of belonging and loyalty to a country known as Malaysia. It is not a treaty of various races or ethnics in Malaysia that constitute of Malays, Chinese, Indian, the Bumiputeras Sabah and Sarawak. It is book of guidance to develop Malaysia and live as a proud Malaysian.

I am proud to be a Malaysian, Malay and a Muslim. We are unique. Malaysia consists of a multiracial, cultural and religion. We uphold the spirit Unity In Diversity of Malaysia since our Merdeka, 1957. And I strongly believe that my Chinese and Indian friends have the same spirit too.

In my early age, I was brought up in a kampong called Muar. What I saw then, we live a harmonious life with other races. My mother always asked me to buy groceries at nearby shop. It belong to a Chinese guy we called him ‘Bongkok’. For our breakfast, if my mother “tak masak nasi lemak/kuih”, we buy “roti bakar” from a Hailam shop. Sometimes we buy “putu mayam” from Maniam or “roti benggali” from a Singh known to local as Bai.

Recollecting back my early age education, I positively believe that the government policies especially on promoting “Semangat Muhibbah dan Perpaduan” and the early education syllabus is the key to success of promoting unity and living as Malaysian amongst different races in Malaysia.

I still remember during my primary schooling at Ismail School 2, located at Jalan Tunku Bendahara, Muar, we have to sing aloud our national anthem “Negaraku” every Monday morning assembly. Our Head Prefect will lead us to recite “Rukun Negara”. And from time to time, “Rukun Negara” will be asked by my teacher, Mrs Tay. To ensure that myself ‘tak kena marah atau rotan’, I have to memorize it by hard. The ‘Rukun Negara” is printed at all our exercise book.

My secondary schooling was in Seremban – King Gorge V, Jalan Hose and Methodist High School, Jalan Lee Sam. My parents live in Mambau Heights in which the Chinese and Indians were mostly our neighbors. Most of the Malays communities live in a kampong just below our Taman. I remembered the first time I ate Indian food, “Tosai” which was recommended by my neighbor/classmate Nicholas Hosey. Yet he is not an Indian!

There is a song in 1986 that strike most of the Malaysian, sang by Dr Sam Rasputin and lyric by S. Amin Sahab entitled “Saya Anak Malaysia”. It was a hit song back then.. The Malays, Chinese and Indian sang it proudly. Primary, secondary and tertiary level students sang it at school functions and our oversea students sang it at their respective universities. We are proud to be Malaysian and we want the world to know it.

The government policies plus the high spirit of Malaysian has made what Malaysia is today. The policies still stand with some adjustment to ensure our vision to be the develop nation by the year 2020 fulfill. But sadly to say….the colors of true Malaysian spirit is being smeared by some of the people who are power crazy. They want to rule the country by poisoning the mind young generations and instilling racism in their speeches, election campaigns and write ups. What they are really doing now is denying the spirit of Malaysian that constitutes in the “Perlembagaan PersekutuanTanah Melayu” and “Semangat Muhibbah dan Perpaduan” that have long been the aspiration and trust of many Malaysians.

Seeing this as a threat to “Unity In Diversity” spirit that reflect Malaysia, the DS Najib administration’s introduces 1Malaysia. To me, and I believe many Malaysians, it is a good formula to enhance unity and thrust of all Malaysian. And to some, may be it is a new policy. But, to those who are crazy to be in power, it is merely a corrective action made by the BN government. But believe me, as a Malaysian, we already have it in our heart, mind and soul. We are proud to be a Malaysian. We are as one to ensure we achieve our national vision.


(sorry le, my English no good lah)

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