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Chinese Chauvinist ???

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Jumaat, 21 November 2008

Forwarded to me by my STAROBA friend

Here’s something most malays would agree with…

Sometimes, I don’t understand what more do you guys (chinese) want? You want the Malays to share what’s ours, but you never want to share your with us. You want to take from us but you never want to give. In order to live in harmony, we have to give and take and not just take.

Simple examples:

1. Chinese employers would never promote a Malay to a Managerial level and above even if he is much more qualified and knowledgeabe than the rest of the Chinese employees. BUT, you want Malays to give higher ranks/posts to Chinese in government organizations.

2. You want to be called Malaysian and to be treated the same as Bumis BUT you refuse to practice National Language, like a true Malaysian citizen.

3. You want to be called Malaysian BUT you never want to accept the history of this land – the historical facts of Tanah Melayu, Chinese relationship with Communism or your great ancestors history of migrating to this land.

4. You want UiTM to be opened to Chinese BUT you never want to abolish your racist schools that instill racisme and separate your children from the Bumis and make it harder for us to accept you and vice versa. Deny all you want, but till you can tell the truth, there is no truce.

5. You want to be called a Malaysian BUT you don’t really acknowledge our Sultan. In fact, you act as if the Sultan only belongs to the Malays and Chinese has nothing to do with them. I’ve met a Chinese who doesn’t even know what Agong means.

6. Chinese-controlled banks would try hard not the help Malay entreprenuers BUT you want the government to help Chinese entrepreneurs all the same.

The truth is, you don’t want to be a Malaysian, you just want to have the country all to you.
You don’t want to embrace Malaysian culture, national language,Perlembagaan and our history – YOU JUST WANT CHINESE TO RULE MALAYSIA AND BE THE PM. That’s all you want, isn’t it?

Do you really think the Australian would let the Chinese become the head of their country one fine day – in ten or twenty years from now when the Chinese bred all over Australia? Or do you think the American can even imagine a Chinese President? Or British would accept an Indian PM?

Then why Malaysia must be different? Because you thought that Malays are inferior race and you are superior and therefore you should rule us??? You know, Chinese are very chauvinist. I know you know it but you don’t care – that’s how chauvinist you are.

My australian cousin once expressed her hatred towards the Chinese for thinking of themselves as Australians just because their grandfather migrated there some time ago.

One american movie starred by Edie Murphy once insinuated that Chinese are really racist and hate every other races. It said that Chinese only treat others well when others can give them business.

And for Indians, my English colleague has once expressed his hatred towards Indians for behaving as if they belong in Britain more than the English themselves.

Maybe Chinese should learn some manners: You can’t go to people’s place and not respecting the host and expect the host to accept you as family.

The fact is: Chinese never respect others but expect others to respect them. Chinese never respect others cause its not included in their teachings and their culture. They will throw their elderlies in the old folk homes. They will leave their children in the care of the babysitters for all week. They don’t believe in God, they just believe in money.


Then again, NOT ALL MALAYS ARE PERFECT TOO. Some Malays are really racist. They are mostly those in PAS but somehow for the sake of power (which actually belongs to DAP), they started to sound ridiculously open lately and not racist anymore.

I still remember how I defend the Chinese from PAS some time ago. This is because UMNO Malays used to be the ones that are not racist, until lately that they started to sound like it.

Why? Because they can’t take it anymore with the Hindraff and Majlis Peguam and then, the Chinese not wanting to accept fact as being the immigrant – long time ago and purposely create havoc by jumping up and down for nothing.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact, we all do accept that you are a Malaysian now but why can’t you accept the Malaysian historical fact that your great ancestors are immigrant to this country? And why must you deny the fact of the social agreement? Why try to change history if you don’t have any evil agenda towards the Malays and the country?

This NEP and social agreement things are not worth a fuss. The Chinese are not satisfied with it. But then, the Malays are also not satisfied with a lot of things – especially the economy. We never blame the
Chinese though, we accept the facts that Malays are not a good money maker as compared to you. The NEP is not taking anything away from the Chinese, it’s just merely trying to create a base for the Malays. If it fails, then what is your problem? It’s the Malays problem. It never give you any harm, the proof is that the Malaysian economy still belongs to you.

Even you said so. So isn’t that not enough? Why so greedy? You want more, you just want everything, right? ( i like this part…oh yes they are Gollum in Lord of the Ring )

In a multi-racial country, you can’t satisfy everybody, you can’t make everybody happy. Malays are not satisfied, Chinese are not satisfied and Indians are not satisfied in different ways and issues. That means that the system is doing an acceptable justice to everybody. If one of these three groups is truly satisfied, then, something must be wrong somewhere as it would surely means a great dissatisfaction of the other two groups.

You know, Malays are known as very tolerant people, that is why you are where you are today. But then, the Chinese started to assume that tolerant also means stupid and that is why you are trying so hard to take over everything from us. Now, bear this in mind, that MALAYS WOULD OPENLY ACCEPT ANYBODY AS FAMILY AND SHARE EVERYTHING WITH THEM. But please, respect us, our rights, our limits. There is nothing in the world that has no limit accept the power of Allah. So, when people are willing to share their belongings with you, you have to share yours with them too. You have to give and take, didn’t your mother teach you that? Or does it only applies to your own kind????


2 Respons to “Chinese Chauvinist ???”

  1. arjuna waspada said

    Saudara Sahabat Mantap dan STAROBA, terima kasih daun keladi kalau ade posting dari sumber kite yang lain,harap di masukkan di blog ini.
    Sebagai saorang otai say dapati perumpamaan saperti yang di senaraikan tak banyak beza ngan pengelaman peribadi saya sama ade kerjaya swasta atau pertembungan di kedai atau orang orang sebelah rumah (bukan jiran) kalau jiran ,makna nya orang kite.
    Terima kasih.
    Salam perjuangan.
    arjuna waspada.

  2. Rafiq said

    Sebenarnya, masalah dinegara kita berpunca dari orang Melayu sendiri. Orang cina memang telah lama diketahui chauvinistic dan racist. DAP sudah wujud berpuluh tahun dengan selogan Malaysian Malaysia yang kita semua tahu adalah semata-mata untuk kepentingan kaum mereka. Saya tidak lihat isu yang diperjuangkan oleh DAP pada hari ini berbeza dengan apa yang mereka perjuangkan 5, 10, 15, 20 ataupun 30 tahun yang lampau. DAP dulu dan DAP sekarang tetapi sama. Chinese dulu dan Chinese sekarang tetap sama.

    Tetapi kenapa sekarang ni baru kita nak kata mereka ni racist dan chauvinistic? Pada pendapat saya, iaadalah semata-mata untuk menutup kelemahan orang Melayu sendiri.

    Sedar ataupun tidak, hari ini, yang kata orang Melayu (khususnya UMNO) racist adalah orang Melayu sendiri. Yang kemaruk dan Malaysian Malaysia adalah juga orang Melayu sendiri. Yang nak buka UITM untuk bukan melayu pun orang Melayu sendiri. Yang menjerit-jerit untuk kesamarataan juga adalah orang Melayu sendiri. Dan yang nak hapuskan DEB juga orang Melayu sendiri. Segala-galanya berpunca dari orang Melayu sendiri sehinggakan orang Melayu (Islam) sendiri yang mahu supaya semua agama dinegara ini disamaratakan.

    Phew…. tak tau apa lagi yang saya nak cakap. DAP hanya main kipas aje. Apa yang orang melayu mahukan yang sesuai dengan agenda mereka, mereka hanya tukang kipas untuk hangatkan. Oleh itu kita lihat isu perkauman memuncak kebelakangan ini.

    DAP dulu dan kini tetap sama. Tetapi kenapa kita tidak lihat isu-isu perkauman begitu hangat sebelum ini? Adakah kerana DAP/Chinese tu kurang chauvinistic dan racist sebelum ini ataupun kerana kelemahan dan masalah dalaman orang Melayu sendiri?

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