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Dasar Kepimpinan Negara: Malaysia Ke Arah Kehancuran?

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Rabu, 12 November 2008

Oleh: Salza Hedra

Membaca komentar-komentar terhadap artikel ‘Kepimpinan Negara: Malaysia Perlu Ikut Amerika?’ perkara utama yang dipersoalkan adalah dasar dan kepimpinan negara. Pada pandangan mereka, Malaysia tidak akan ke mana sekiranya masih lagi mencorak dan mengekalkan dasar-dasar yang dibuat oleh orang melayu dan yang dilihat tertumpu kepada membantu kaum melayu. Dasar sebeginilah pada pandangan mereka merupakan kelemahan utama yang menjadi punca kepada ‘kelompongan’ dan ‘kemunduran’ negara.

Di bawah penulis perturunkan salah satu komentar yang diterima terhadap artikel penulis bertajuk ‘Kepimpinan Negara: Malaysia Perlu Ikut Amerika?’ dalam blog bertarikh 8 November 08:

Komentar daripada: Cool Man

Malaysia is not a place to invest your money.

The policies are so lop-sided that you cannot choose the best people to work for you but to employ those malay graduates who are way below “standard”.

In the first place, these malays are not of intellect quality but the foreign and local companies are forced to employ them.

So, if a foreign company has a choice, they will not invest in a country like that where competition is solely based on skin color, and “know who” not “know how”.

Malaysia now lags behind both China’s and India’s science and technology sector, and regional rivals Singapore and Thailand now attract more foreign direct investment.

Why is it so that we lag behind all those countries? Just study who are the planners in the countries education system.

Here we have third class educationists in the form of Umno malays, most of them are third graders in their school days, planning the education policies. They are actually failures academically and now trying to teach others about education.

Then look around the schools and universities. Just a cursory glance will tell you that the teaching staffs are not of first class materials. Many are byproducts of unemployed graduates who managed to get teaching as their only choice of vocation.

Similarly the universities teaching staffs are third rated too. When you have such lousy teachers, would you expect first class materials?

Whatever Malaysia is advocating, Malaysia is heading to doom! Agriculture, commerce, education, health, politics, social interaction, everything that Malaysia embarks is doomed.

The information and communication technology that Malaysia implementing is as good as doomed since day one when the corrupted and racist Mahathir laid hand on it.

Anything that is the genesis of this corrupted and racist Mahathir is doomed, be it Agusta, Daya Bumi, education – English to malay malay to English, EPF, Felcra, Felda, Formula 1, general election, MAS, math and science in English, military defense, MSC, National Service, NEP, North South Highway, Perwaja, polis task force, Proton, Wawasan Schools……….the list is endless. Nothing works in Malaysia.

Now the religious Badawi is implementing 9MP using Islam with the doctrine advocated by the corrupted and racist Mahathir.

This is more severe than the doctrine by Mahathir since Badawi adds another critical and negative dimension into the corrupted and racist doctrine, that is, the aberrant Islam!

This further decreases the efficiency in the utilization of good human engineering practices in a highly competitive global world!

The only way Malaysia can succeed is to embrace good human engineering practices compassionately, since only good human engineering practices can attain effective, efficient and excellent production in order to compete with other formidable ICT nations.

This means the practices of meritocracy, no NEP and racial discrimination!

With a corrupted and racist government practice corrupt and racial discriminatory engineering practices, the effective job activities and efficiency in productions are definitely to be lagging.

This means high production costs, inefficient manufacturing processes, poor research and development designs, with expensive and inferior products! Example – Proton!

The government might as well close down Cyberjaya, encourage goat rearing and save cost. At least the loss in capital is not as severe as in ICT ventures and by the year 2020, every people is guaranteed with a roast lamb!

The biggest joke is, the people themselves are to be blamed for supporting the current and always has been and probably forever will be, the BN.

That is keep it up and make them more and more arrogant.

We want to be hub of everything and master of none. That is why we know for sure Vision 2020 will not be achieved. It is easy to set a vision and rely another to achieve it.

Principally as a small nation with limited human resources, not making optimum use of its human resource by sidelining a major more advanced sector of its population through the NEP, will create many many more “Tak Boleh”.

With people only interested in sitting beside a money machine, where Malaysia will end with, is already a certainty.

Any cure? No, no way. The entire makeup of the Malaysia society from corruption, greed, politics and third world mentality etc, will doom any effort to rectify it. We can’t even talk simple things like “understanding each other” let alone major issues like corruption, etc.

Even God has got no solution for Malaysia the way it is going.

Apa pandangan pembaca mengenai komentar ini?


2 Respons to “Dasar Kepimpinan Negara: Malaysia Ke Arah Kehancuran?”

  1. juling said


    KUALA LUMPUR 11 Nov. – Kaum Melayu merupakan kumpulan terbesar dalam senarai penduduk negara ini yang pendapatannya di bawah RM1,000 sebulan.

    Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk S. K. Devamany berkata, berdasarkan Penyiasatan Pendapatan Isi Rumah (HIS) yang dijalankan Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia pada tahun lalu, sebanyak 301,000 isi rumah kaum Melayu memperoleh pendapatan di bawah RM1,000 sebulan.

    ‘‘Sebanyak 495,500 isi rumah yang mempunyai pendapatan di bawah RM1,000 sebulan secara keseluruhannya.

    ‘‘Pecahan itu merangkumi 50,900 isi rumah kaum Cina, India (29,000), Kadazan (29,300), Orang Asli (7,500) dan lain-lain (78,800),” katanya semasa menjawab soalan Dr. Micheal Jeyakumar Devraj (PKR- Sungai Siput) pada sidang Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

    Beliau berkata, bagi kumpulan berpendapatan antara RM1,001 hingga RM2,000 pula, keseluruhan bilangan isi rumah ialah 1,695,900 isi rumah dengan 976,500 daripadanya adalah Melayu, 338,300 (Cina), 125,300 (India), 38,800 (Kadazan), 9,800 (Orang Asli) dan 207,200 untuk kaum-kaum lain.

    Dalam pada itu katanya, sebanyak 1,144,700 isi rumah memperoleh pendapatan antara RM2,001 hingga RM3,000.

    ‘‘Seramai 614,700 daripada mereka adalah orang Melayu, 300,800 (Cina), 121,500 (India), 15,300 (Kadazan), 2,500 (Orang Asli) manakala 89,900 isi rumah daripada kaum-kaum lain.

    ‘‘Bagi pendapatan antara RM3,001 hingga RM4,000 terdapat sebanyak 743,000 isi rumah dengan 380,500 daripadanya adalah Melayu, 234,700 (Cina), 73,300 (India), 8,900 (Kadazan), 1,000 (Orang Asli) dan 44,600 kaum lain.

    Katanya, seramai 497,800 isi rumah memperoleh pendapatan antara RM4,001 hingga RM5,000 pula dengan 254,700 daripadanya adalah Melayu, 166,600 (Cina), 44,800 (India), 6,900 (Kadazan), 200 (Orang Asli) dan 24,600 kaum lain.

    ‘‘Bagi pendapatan antara RM5,001 hingga RM10,000, ia membabitkan seramai 914,200 isi rumah.

    ‘‘Daripada jumlah itu, 419,200 adalah Melayu, 368,400 (Cina), 76,800 (India), 13,400 (Kadazan) dan 36,500 lain-lain kaum.

    ‘‘Sebanyak 235,300 isi rumah memperoleh pendapatan antara RM10,001 hingga RM20,000 dengan 85,700 adalah Melayu, 118,700 (Cina), 23,400 (India), 800 (Kadazan) dan 6,700 kaum lain,” jelasnya.

    Sementara itu, terdapat 49,500 isi rumah yang memperoleh pendapatan melebihi RM20,000 sebulan dengan 16,500 adalah Melayu, 27,900 (Cina), 3,600 (India) dan 1,500 dari kumpulan etnik lain.

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