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Stop Humiliating The Malays And Islam

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Isnin, 11 Februari 2008

oleh: Salza Hedra

Firstly, I would like to apologize to you caused my English ain’t as good as yours. But I try my best to write this article in English. I am one of the Malays that always surf into the Malaysia Today website. Many things written in RPK blog fascinate me. Through all the articles written by him, one article entitled ‘Malays, The Enemy of Islam’ hit my inner feeling. As a Malay and Muslim, I was offended by the statement and comment made by him. .

“If you really, really have nothing to do with your time, then you should attend the noonday Friday prayers at the mosque and listen to the imam lament about the enemies of Islam who all have an agenda to destroy Islam. If not, then don’t waste your time. Do something else instead.” .

“Yes, non-Muslims are the enemies of Islam, according to these imams, and they are all united in their effort to ‘kill’ Islam.” .

…………..Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Friday Prayer is ‘wajib’ (a must) for all Muslimin (Male). With regards of Friday Prayer, there’s no such thing as ‘don’t waste time and doing something else’ as you quoted above. Furthermore, the enemy of the people and Islam is Satan. And that was preached by the Khatib (Preacher) during his Friday Khutbah (sermon). They preached to beware of the kafir (non believer) as it’s to protect their faith in Islam. The Khatib also preached to be friendly and live harmoniously with all despites of their race and religion. Works and helps each other. That’s all. And I strongly believe, all religion in the world wants their followers to be faithful of one’s religion.

What an unethical statement you made when you said that ‘all the imams preached other religions of the world are united to kills Islam’. I believe that you add spice to the statement as to make it bolder and more ‘pedas’. In reality, if that really happens, today there will be chaos and religion/crusade war in Malaysia or even throughout the world.

Islam will always be a religion that upholds peace and unity. Islam never stops others to practice whatever religion they have faith in. As the Holy Quran recite: Me and my religion and you with your religion.. (Al- Kafirun). In other word, we are not encouraged to disturb or interfere with other religion /believers to practice their faith. .

Anyway, you try to redeem yourself by saying “No it’s not true at all’. But anyhow, your earlier statements hit the mind of other religion believers. They will always keep in back of their mind that Muslims will always treat them as enemy of Islam and they must unite to kill Islam. More to it, you make it looks as though Muslim can’t live and work with other races and religion’s believer at all. .

I am a Muslim and Malay. My neighbors consist of Chinese, Indians and Punjabis of which they are of course mostly non Muslim. Some are Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. We live in a very harmonious and very friendly atmosphere. We chat and have coffee at the Mamak shop near our house. Near to our house there is a Surau (mousalla) and every prayer times the Muazzin will azan (call for prayer). They were not offended. We celebrated Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. .

Furthermore, I have taken care of a Chinese girl whose father past away when she was only nine years old. Now she is 21. I pay most of her study expenses until she graduated from TAR College. Her mother and family have no such feeling of fear towards me as a Malay and Muslim. If they have the thought as you describe the Malay and Islam earlier, they might be horrified even to be closed to me. Add more to this, I also believe that somewhere out there, there are some Chinese, Indian, Punjabi are doing the same thing that I did. This is what the religion wants us to do and it is the good way of living together. .

To make thing worst, you single handedly pointed out that Malays in Malaysia is the enemy of Islam itself. .

The enemies of Islam, at least in Malaysia, are the Malays themselves.

…………..Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

I totally disagree with you. Based on your article, you take the case of a girl whom was caught by RELA and being photographed unethically by the RELA staff when she answered her nature call. Just because the RELA staff is Malay and a Muslim, you cannot generalized all Malays are such. There are also some other races and non Muslims might have done such an unethical deeds but we cannot say that particular race are the enemy of their religion. There are some people regardless of their race and religion have good and some bad habit or ethic. They did not signify the race and religion. .

It seems this woman, a Muslim, was arrested during a ‘vice raid’ on a certain disco in Kuala Lumpur. She was an employee of that disco and, according to the ‘rules’, Muslims are not supposed to work in any establishment that sells liquor. So, for that ‘crime’, she was arrested together with about 16 or so other Muslim men and women. .

…………..Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Talking about Malaysia airlines serving liquor is normal. Every Malaysia airlines will have Malay and non Malay steward and stewardess. Serving liquor eventually is done by the non Muslim steward or stewardess. To the Malay/Muslim steward/stewardess it is not compulsory to do so.

Furthermore, Malaysian airlines aren’t a disco or an entertainment outlet that serves beer and liquor for attraction purposes. It acts as a compliment to non Muslim. As for the waiter/waitress at the disco concerned, whether they like or not, it is compulsory for them to serve beer and liquor as it involves higher profit to the disco.

Now, when the authorities issued the disco its licence, it was not stipulated anywhere in that licence that any establishment selling liquor is prohibited from employing Muslim staff. If this is the law then certainly our national airline, MAS, would have to retrench all the Malay staff and employ only non-Muslim Chinese, Indians, Portuguese, Dayaks, Kadazans, etc., because MAS serves liquor. Not only the cabin crew would have to be sacked but the entire staff including the ticketing staff, administration staff, accountants, managers, board of directors, and so on, would have to go. .

…………..Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

With regards of the disco licence that does not stipulated prohibition of employing any Muslim staff/s, the disco owner was notified by the authorities that they cannot sell beer and liquor to Muslim. Apart of that, the Muslim workers him/herself should know better that they are not supposedly to work at that kind of premises. The authorities like Local Authority, JAWI and RELA are only doing their job. .

Yes, these are the upholders of the dignity of Islam. These are the defenders of Islam. These are the officers of Islam Hadhari, the new Islam, the invention of Abdullah Badawi. Now do you know why the non-Muslims fear the prospects of Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State? Hey, I don’t blame them. If this is the Islam they are talking about then I too fear Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State. .

…………..Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Now it seems that you’re trying to connect the above incidences to Islamic State and Islam Hadhari. You’re trying to imply that Islamic State and Islam Hadhari are full of cruelty and unjust? So much so that you’re shy to even say that you’re a Muslim? I don’t know whether you understand or just for the purpose to spicing up your writing, but deep in my heart that you’re a good Muslim and want the Muslim to live as a good Muslim and live harmoniously with all Malaysians as being taught by Islam. .

I also believe that you know better about Malaysia as an Islamic State which is stated in Malaysia Constitution better than me. And I also believe that you also knew what Islam Hadhari is all about. Need not for me to explain further on these two topics. Don’t try confuse Malaysian on these two things. The Islamic State proposed by PAS is what develops fear amongst the non Malays. Even PAS themselves cannot practice their Hudud’s Law in Kelantan after controlling the state for more than 17 years or so. PAS knew that the non Malays don’t understand what PAS is trying to do. But Malaysia status as Islamic State and Islam Hadhari is well understood and accepted by most of non Muslim communities, locally and internationally.

As for Islam Hadhari, it is not a new religion. Often I see in your article, you always criticised that the ulamaks only talks about Islam in a very narrowed angle. Islam Hadhari is as you know try to enhance the Muslim to be successful and to achieve greater heights. It got nothing to do with new religion or threatening other religion. And furthermore it is not a new religion invented/promoted by our Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi. .


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