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I Leave These Words…

Posted by Sahabat MANTAP di Selasa, 28 Ogos 2007

By Maxwell

Everything about this country is great. Just the other day, i read that we are the best tourist destination on this planet. Malays, Malaysians are the best kind of people in the world. Do we have a tradition of literary criticism? Do we have a traditon of critique? Has our country ever produced a well known critic of our culture…way of life …values? No… that is because the Malaysian way of life and culture and values are flawless…they deserve no criticism. Very rarely in the course of human history that one would encounter a race and civilisation such as the Malay civilisation that one cannot find anything to be critical about.

So what is wrong with you bloggers?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this country. Otherwise why do you think there are so many foreigners who are willing to marry the people from this land? You think they are stupid?


The present PM is great. The former one was great too. In fact all the pms are great. They just keep getting better. NEP is beautiful. It should be continue indefinitely. Culture and tradition are to be respected and cannot be questioned. There will be towering malays/malaysians by 2020 as promised.


Believe in the local media. Trust your neighbouring journalist. They and only they have the ability to tell the truth. Why do you want to look for the truth when it is deliver to your doorsteps every morning? Don’t listen stories that life is better in overseas-malaysian democracy and way of life is still unbeatable. Keep all your investments here. Support Malaysia. Support the government. Support the local press. Support the local developers. Buy a house here. Support the second home programme.

Brain drain? That is the untruth! Malaysian education is so much better. Let them leave. We produce outstanding students every year. In fact there are so much of them now. So if some of them want to leave let them do so. We still have plenty.

Seriously, have you ever seen a tradition of literary critique flourishing in our society? Maybe i shouldn’t use the word flawless… One thing i know for sure, although i am not familiar with much of the local literature: that is so far we have yet to see a major literary figure criticising our way of life, thinking, culture, and values.

Maybe i am wrong and there are some critics, how well publicised are their views and how well accepted are they by the authorities? In china, at the dawn of the 20th century, there was a writer called Lu xun, who is regarded by the Chinese government today as the heart and soul of Chinese literature, although his works demolished conficianist beliefs and systems. But we are Malaysians. Since we have yet to see a tradition of critique in the country, which means what we are doing is right and works–so what is there to criticise? So far i have only seen positive affirmation and positive appraisal of our way of lie, culture, values, and tradition. My god, it is amazing to see how we revere tradition and customs…no matter how archaic these traditons and customs are…

In this country, from the culture of the dominant political group to the culture of the various ethnic communities, reverence for tradition and customs is strongly adhered to. Criticisms of traiditions and customs is regarded as sensitive….embarassment….to the other. The conclusion: since there has been no crticisms, then what we are doing must be right—so why criticise?

In the west, you see ordinary white citizens with liberal leanings marching hand in hand with the blacks to fight against apartheid and uphold civil right. Do you see such things happening here? And that is good man. It shows that the government of the day works.

But in any political order where there is too much control from the above on, there is bound to be some sort of rebelling energy that tries to break free. This you see in the indulgence of black metal music, motor cycle gangs, alternative lifestyles. I believe if you were to interview the participants of this rebellious group, you will find that they are more or less the same–conservative and supportive of establishment.(but this sporadic outburst of rebellion from the younger generation cannot be equated nor compared with the counter-culture movement of the sixties, influenced by a new wave of movement in the arts, literarure, music, and leftist intelectual beliefs (in 1930s in germany, sporadic outburst of such energies was manipultated, transformed, and incorporated into the nazi party)

The fundamental flaw of the western thought is characterised by its binary nature.

Plato–there is always a world of forms and a world of imperfect forms Aristotle-forms are incorporated into the natural world and all living things purpose is to achieve the forms or the potential, as it is known in the Aristotelian system.

Descartes-the world of the mind and the physical world are separated.

Hegel-self consciousness arises only because of the confrontation of another consciousness.

Marx-history develops as a result of class struggles–i.e. feudal v.s capitalistic.

Foucault/derrida–there is always the other…if there is reason, there is madness…one cannot live without each other.

Even the Chinese thinks in terms of yin and yang!

The beauty of Malaysian thought–the Malaysian way…there is only oneness…one person does the thinking for all…that is why we pay taxes right. Why should i think if that job has already been outsourced to the dominant political group?

And lastly, i leave these words behind: If the world does not look rational to you, look rationally at it, and it will appear rationally to you–from gwf Hegel, philosophy of history.


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